Rolling Relaxation Massage & Bodywork can help make your vacation memorable.

From relaxing to recharging, to a romantic couples massage or fun girls’ day out, or even a massage at your event or home, we specialize in… you.

We offer a variety of massage options, including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, Thai, prenatal, reflexology, sports, therapeutic, relaxation, and more.

Please feel free to contact us with questions. It’s our intention that you enjoy your experience totally.

“Thank you for the best massage I’ve ever had. Perfect touch and pressure. I will recommend you without hesitation.”


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Our outcall services are extremely popular with our guests. A minimum of 90 minute massage is required for outcalls.  90 minutes are $220 and 60 minutes are $160.  Or come to my new studio (conveniently located in the village core) and receive lower rates at  $125 for a 60 minute massage,  $175 for a 90 minute massage, and $205 for a hot stone massage.

The reasons our massages are so popular: they are a healthy, refreshing way to restore your energy and spirit before (or after) a good day on the mountain– skiing or hiking. They’re also a great way to relax if you’re on a vacation get-away.

Double Black Diamond

Now things are getting rocky.  This unique treatment utilizes hot, smooth basalt rocks to create a penetrating and soothing effect on your mind, body, and spirit.  This fabulous massage is available in a ninety minute treatment.  $205

First Chair Thai Massage

A great way to start the day or finish up after a long day on the mountain.  Thai is an ancient system of healing with its roots in the Far East.  This unique and complete system of therapy combines acupressure, rhythmic massage, gentle twisting, deep stretching, and meditation.   This unique massage is available in a ninety minute treatment.  $175

Boot Warmer

What could be better than a good old foot and hand rub? Hand and foot reflexology addresses specific pressure points on the hand and foot to relax, rejuvenate, and relieve conditions in the body.  This reflexology treatment is available in a sixty minute session.  $125

Mother-to-be Prenatal Massage

Hey, Mom! Relax while you can! This marvelous massage promotes circulation in your arms and legs, and it alleviates back pain. We recommended no more than a sixty minute massage.  $125

Green Slope

The easiest on the mountain. Our Swedish massage offers long, fluid strokes to ease aching muscles and leave you feeling relaxed and
rejuvenated.  This massage is available in a sixty minute session for $125 Or choose deluxe relaxation, 90 minutes for $175

“10+!!! Thanks so much, My body is celebrating.”

Blue Slope

Feeling comfortable with the green slopes but not quite ready for the black slopes? Then try our custom massage to work out the aches and pains of the day. This custom experience employs a variety of techniques from Swedish, to trigger point, to deep tissue to improve muscle tone and joint flexibility.  This massage is available in a sixty minute session for $125  Or choose a deluxe experience, ninety minutes for $175

“I feel like I’ve had a three month vacation. It was amazing, thank you.”

Black Slope

If you like it steep and deep, try our amazing deep tissue massage. This is a more intense form of massage that uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to aid in the release of chronic pain and tension. Sore and tired muscles are loosened and revitalized. (Please be aware that you may experience tenderness after this type of massage.) This massage is available in a sixty minute session for $125  Or choose the mega experience, ninety minutes for $175

“The best deep, muscle penetrating massage. Excellent job!”

Out calls are welcomed.

Specialty Massage

Myosketetal Alignment Technique:  Myoskeletal method utilizes the fascia’s sensory receptor system to help lengthen and strengthen muscles, ligaments, fasciae, and joint capsules that control, support, and restrain spinal motion. This ninety minute experience is $175

For A Great Experience

For the greatest availability of services and appointment times, we recommend scheduling your massage services prior to your arrival in Telluride, Colorado.

We book your time just for you. We understand that things can change, so if you need to cancel an appointment, please do so at least four hours prior to you appointment to avoid being charged in full. No shows will charged in full.

We guarantee our massage services with a credit card.

Your Massage Experience…

Our licensed and experienced therapist will rejuvenate you with integrative massage techniques to balance your body and promote a meditative, relaxing outcome.


Enhance your massage! We will customize your experience, from relaxing, to enhancing, to rejuvenating, and everything in between, using our premium blend of aromatherapy oils, at no extra charge.

We proudly use and distribute Young Living essential oils.

Other Services

We offer exquisite, rejuvenating, relaxing massage for large groups, corporate sales meetings, weddings, family reunions, ski clubs,  and any event you’re planning.

Call us to set up your own private spa.

Rolling Relaxation comes to you!

Gift certificates available.



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Our private Labor Day Spa was a hit among Starz guests! (Contact us to schedule your private spa!)

We did twenty-six massages in two days, including: deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, and more!

Here’s a sampling of what was said:

I walked in and was totally captivated by the aroma of the cabin. It was very tranquil with the music, candles, and scents. I really think this should happen again next year.

Darren did such a wonderful job creating a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. My massage was wonderful.


Fantastic massage and the setting was beautiful. vibe, great massage, thanks to the good folks at the spa.

The best deep, muscle-penetrating massage. Excellent job!

I definitely will return. Darren was very attentive to my requests and made sure I was constantly comfortable. Thank you!

Darren was incredible. I feel so relaxed, and he knew so much about pressure points and relief.

Thank you for the best massage I’ve ever had.  Perfect touch and pressure. I will recommend you without hesitation.

I feel like I’ve had a three month vacation. It was amazing; thank you.

10+!!! Thanks so much! My body is celebrating.

I was nervous about a male massage therapist, but you made me a believer. Everyone needs to come to you.

Extremely therapeutic and focused on trouble spots. You are a master therapist.

Great “deep tissue.” Just as I asked for it.

The leg stretches were very well done. One of the best sports massages I’ve received.

Great massage! I appreciate you had run a couple of marathons yourself so you could understand what type of massage I required. If you are ever in New York, look me up!

The best sports massage ever!

Good “trigger point” massage, especially on the neck, shoulders, and back.

Thank you. Very relaxing and also helped to have the stretches/pressure.

I liked your ending with hands and neck/head.

Great massage. You did a wonderful job all over but thanks for the extra on my hands.


Contact Darren Miller…